Frequently asked questions

Generelle Spørgsmål

What do I do if my order arrives with a missing item/ damaged item?
Please contact me if anything in your order has been damaged or is missing! I wish for you to have the best buying experience when you buy something from my webshop, so please don't hesitate to contact me with any problems or questions! <3
Do you sell somewhere in person?
Yes!  I'm from Denmark and I table at different events and conventions here in Denmark and in surrounding countries! Follow me on Instagram to get updates on when and where I'll be at events! If you know of any conventions, markets, or events where you'd like to see me, then please contact me with the event name and date - then I'll look into the opportunity of getting a spot at that event!
Where can I contact you?
Please contact me on my e-mail: kontakt@leamogree.art or write to me on Instagram @Lustanjo.
How is the shipping calculated?
The shipping is calculated by weight! The heaviest letter I'm able to send is 2kg - If you're from DK I am able to send a package weighting up to 10kg.
Is it possible to arrange a pick-up?
Yes, that's possible! You can contact me about a pick-up and we can arrange a pick-up at an event or convention.
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